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100% of online customers love to see their products displayed on a white background. And for large e-commerce retailer, having all their photos displayed on a white background can be a daunting task. Save time so your company can focus on growing their business and getting more sales- not wasting endless hours on photo editing.

Most large online marketplace such as eBay and Amazon advises retailers to have their product featured on a white background. Here is where you need a background removal service. An image background removal service doesn’t only concentrate on white backgrounds but also accommodate any other single-color background that perfectly aligns with your brand aesthetic.

We can also add a contextual background for adverts and seasonal selling. Our hand-drawn clipping path allows us to capture your product in full details and compels your visitors to “click here”.

With hundreds of images successfully edited to our customer’s satisfaction, our utmost priority is to deliver an expertly edited background removal service, every time.

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Let Our Background Removal Services Convert Your Business Into Sales!?

An image background is located in the rear. Typically, people take pictures in places of lovely backgrounds because they want the background to appear on the final picture.

On the other hand, a photo may be taken in a place of unsuitable background. The owner will, therefore, decide to have the image separated from its background. In this situation, we can help.

When do you need our Background Removal services?

Background removal can be needed in different situations and for different purposes, for instance, when you’re looking to restore a faded or destroyed photo. And in today’s world where photos play a huge role on the internet, background removal is incredibly useful when it comes to reducing the backgrounds of product photos to be posted on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, and lots more. What’s more, background removal erases photo background and separate elements on the foreground.


Clipping paths with low quality and less attention to detail can take a toll on your brand and its reputation. We build our business on the foundation of excellent clipping path service that turns heads and impresses costumers.


Are you pressed for time? We can help you manage your time while meeting your tightest deadlines. Our excellent service includes fast quotes, quick results, and speedy customer care. Typically, our average delivery time for each quote is in not more than 48 hours.


We are highly reputed for our affordable clipping path services, but that doesn’t depict the quality of our output. Whether you have one or bunch of photos, our competitive price has got you covered.

Certified, Qualified And Efficient Team

Clipping path adobe comprises of a highly qualified team of competent professionals who know their onions. Our photo restoration professionals are well tested for perfection before being employed. They understand your photo restoration needs to make sure that your restored photo will stun you beyond expectations.

We strive to ensure that none of our employees is left unsatisfied. This is because we understand that a motivated employee provides the best service which guarantees that each project is completed to customer’s standard and satisfaction. Our employees are available 24/7 working on your orders. So, regardless of the bulkiness nature of work at hand, we ensure that your order gets completed within the agreed time.

Photo Phant Lab

We Use The Latest And Most Sophisticated Photo Editing Tool In The Market

At, we use an up-to-date photo editing tools in the market. Our most-used editing program includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustration.

The Photoshop version CS6 used by our team has different tools that remove all types of the image background. Some of which includes lasso tool, pen tool, magnetic lasso tool, polygonal tool, to name a few. These tools are simple, easy and convenient to use which makes us get things done within the shortest time possible. Our clients trust us for this.

What’s more?

We also use both Corel Draw and Corel paint software to remove backgrounds of images. The highlighter tool of this software helps us highlight the aspect of an image you want while removing the parts you want to clear off (thanks to its eraser tool). These tools help our professionals do a great background removal that leaves not even the subtle edge of the background visible.

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As soon as we receive your photo, we’ll contact you with our price quote. Perhaps you decide not to proceed with the project, your photo will be shipped back, and you will never be charged for this.
However, if you don’t feel comfortable shipping the original photo, we understand. Kindly send us scanned copies. We’ll get back to you with the total price of the project before we start working on your projects. Why not request a quote today?

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