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Image manipulation is a form of photo editing that alternate an image to create a new expression. It is mostly adapted for the artistic and deceitful purpose. There are tons of applications that are helpful. One of them is Adobe Photoshop. It is a very popular brand that helps to

Apply several image manipulation ideas that help you experiment with your photograph to get a perfect result.

Example of image manipulation ideas include:
  • Using another material to cover the object
  • Increasing the photo depth
  • Making a beautiful and dramatic scene
  • Having varying makeup for a photograph
Apply several image manipulation ideas that help you experiment with your photograph to get a perfect result.
Photo Phant Lab

Our Photoshop Image Manipulation Strategy

Photoshop image manipulation from photophantlab is professionally created images that pop the eye. We’ll help turn your simple photo into a piece of artistic design. Our editors patiently transform your photos from the simplest form to your desired form. They understand how to use the free brushes and textures to manipulate your photos.

There are tons of tutorials available online that can help users learn about photo manipulation tools. Though, these are not easy to learn. You need to learn about different tools that help in image manipulation.
Our editors have a proper experience with these different tools.

Why Choose Photophantlab.Com?

Our utmost priority is to manipulate your photo or portrait shot to make it look more appealing and presentable than its original form. We use the best and up to date editing tools. It doesn’t end there: We have the skill and knowledge to make sure your photo stands out from the rest.

Dull photos and obstructive features either on the foreground or background are immediately weeded out to ensure that the only focus lies on your image and not some distractive agent.

With different fluffy image manipulation services flooding the market, we maintain our reputation as a professional brand. Photography editing requires a standard level of skill, knowledge, and experience.

With this, our hard-working team of friendly staffs is tested for perfection before being employed. They know your needs and ensure that your manipulated photo ends up better than the previous. In other words, beyond your expectations.

Our professionals are trained and updated on popular photo editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustration, Adobe InDesign, e.t.c. We also stay alerted on every update made by the manufacturers of these photo editing tools.

Typically, people take pictures in places of lovely backgrounds because they want the background to appear in the final picture.

On the other hand, a photo may be taken in a place of unsuitable background. The owner will, therefore, decide to have the image separated from its background. In this situation, we can help.

Image Manipulation At An Affordable Price

No matter the type of image manipulation service of your choice, our affordable price has got you covered. We understand that each manipulation service type is different, so we evaluate our price based on the complexity of the project but we won’t charge you high.

Once we receive your photo, we’ll get in touch with our price quote. If you decide not to proceed with the project, your photograph gets back to you and you will never be charged for this.

Alternatively, you can send us scanned copies if you do not like to ship your photo. We’ll get back to you with the total price of the project before commencing on the job. Are you looking to manipulate and enhance your photo? Then speak with one of our staffs at- and we’ll respond to you on time. Also, you can check out our free trial option.

Photo Phant Lab
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