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Photos are perfect ways to remember sweet happy moments. We think of the joy, fun, and memories of a particular event anytime we check the photos related to these events. Unfortunately, with time, the photos may start looking less appealing.
This may affect the captured memories which can be heartbreaking. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry when it eventually happens. Our professional photo Retouching service will breathe life and flawless memories to your photos. In other words, we will turn your image into a new and refreshed piece of the photo that gives it a fresh look.
After all, our mission is to provide a high-quality service to our customers who are looking to retouch their photo. Below are some of the things covered by our photo retouching service:

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Background removal and replacement

Using high quality and up-to-date software, we’ll give your photo background a more appealing look and one that harmoniously blends with your photo.


Cropping covers over 80% of the request received from our customers. Cropping is a photo retouching service that performs a perfect piece of transformation on an image. It provides a more stunning look than ever. Let us help you crop your image.

Object removal

Found some awkward objects and distractive agents in your photo and wish they are eliminated? Our photo retouching services can help. Sometimes we take pictures and discovered unwanted objects such as wires, trees or even people. In the event of this, we can help eliminate them from your photo background. We promise to unleash the originality of the photo to your utmost satisfaction.

Photo Reconstruction

In some pictures, some trivial but effective adjustments are important. For example, removal of possible swells, giving the subject a younger look, editing breast size, and lots more. No matter the level of adjustment, our photo retouching services have got you covered.

Changing your photo outlook

We provide you with different options for your photo outlook. They include black and white photo outlook, vintage outlook, film-like outlook, stone engagement photo outlook, to name a few.

Why you need our photo retouching services:
  • We are known as a tested and trusted brand that delivers
  • We work flexibly and easily adapt to the latest technology
  • We work with time and ensure your request gets delivered on time
  • Our utmost priority is our client satisfaction
  • Our rates are one of most budget-friendly in the industry
  • We provide a Top Quality Service at a Competitive Price

Regardless of the type of photo retouching service of your choice, our pricing is got you covered. Sure, each photo retouching service differs, so our pricings are evaluated based on the needs of an individual project. But they are still affordable.

As soon as we receive your photo, we’ll contact you with our price quote. In the event that you decide not to proceed with the project, your photo will be shipped back, and this comes with no charges at all. However, if you don’t feel comfortable shipping the original photo, we understand. Kindly send us scanned copies. We’ll get back to you with the total price of the project before we start working on your projects.

Photo Phant Lab

Why retouch your image?

1. Keep track of Fond memories.

Whether it’s a family get-together photo, a memorious engagement photo, a parental delivery photo, the memories elicited by a photo can spark up great memories in years to come. These memoirs shouldn’t be left out in the cold just because of slight imperfections which can be easily retouched and eliminated.

2. Marketing.

From the internet photo shoots to the big billboard pictures, marketing companies don’t joke with the imperativeness of a quality picture model. In this highly competitive field, you must possess a sense of creativity and innovation. Plastic surgery is not the way, Bulimia is deadly but a nice photo retouching will always work.

What’s included in a Photo retouch service?

Photo retouching service includes adding color and pomp to your photos given them the most-appealing look and an enthralling final look. Our professionals attend carefully to details and work things out for your satisfaction

Our service also includes lowest cost image and special offers for your bulk order. We work with time and ensure you get your project done on time. Above all, we’ll only get paid when you’re happy with your completed project.

Are you looking to retouch your less appealing photos? Then keep it logged to us at and we’ll respond to you on time. Not convinced? Apply for our free trial and experience our quality services.

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